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My Reflections: The Lessons I Have Learned So Far in Creating Profit Pod

So here I am with the soft beta launch of Profit Pod imminent having shared with you some of the key moments of the journey to get here. It has been nearly 8 months since the build for Profit Pod began and it has been an intense period of hard work with ups and downs, challenges galore and everything in between. But I have made it to this point and I’m still standing strong!

I thought it useful to share with you a summary of the top 10 lessons I have learned so far, I won’t go into detail here as they will be talked about individually in future blogs, on my journey to the launch of Profit Pod:

  1. People will let you down, it’s inevitable and generally it’s not personal, you just need to find an alternative solution to keep moving forward. Problem solving is a key skill to master.
  2. Listen to your gut instinct at every turn. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!
  3. Don’t get bogged down in unnecessary detail that doesn’t really matter in the overall scheme of things.
  4. Find the right people to support and surround yourself with is a real challenge because not everyone operates like you do.
  5. Nobody is more passionate about what you are trying to achieve than you are – compromise a bit but never settle for something that will ultimately cause you grief.
  6. Have big dreams – you’ll grow into them.
  7. You should always back yourself. Don’t be limited by your emotions or thinking. You can do it! Change your thinking – change your reality
  8. Save thousands on costs using freelance websites. This has enabled me to get work done at up to 90% off prices I was quoted through agencies that offered a one-stop shop solution. Yes, it took more of my time managing the process but the massive saving and end result were worth the extra elbow grease required.
  9. Always get a fixed price wherever possible – it eliminates the risk of any nasty financial surprises.
  10. Having a purpose beyond profit that really excites you is key to getting through the inevitable ups and downs along the way.

My resolve to succeed is stronger than ever before, as I know I have created something very special with Profit Pod. Am I nervous about the launch? Yes! Am I still scared that it will be a flop? Yes! Do I wonder whether I have missed something major along the way? Yes! Does it really matter? No.

What matters is that I had a BIG DREAM that started of as an idea nearly 2 years ago and I have taken it from idea through to the execution of a fully operational platform that solves a real problem for its users. That in itself is something I am very proud of and I hope that through sharing as I have, it has inspired you to THINK and ACT BIG and take massive action for something that you are passionate about that will make a massive difference and create a lasting legacy.

I can have no idea what will come next – I can’t predict the future. What I do know is that as I move into an exciting new phase stemming from the launch of Profit Pod, I will continue to give it my all, with 100% of my focus and energy. Good or bad, win or lose – the BIG GAME I have set myself to help 100,000 small businesses globally to improve their profit by at least 20% over 12 months by 2020 is still very much a game worth playing for me!

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