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My Reflections: The Feedback Loop

Having completed 6 months of intense design and specification work for Profit Pod, I was equipped with a full 70+ page document ready to start chatting with people that met the target profile I previously created for those who I thought would benefit most from the solution being created. To do this, I tapped into my existing network and set about having what ended up being 30 chats over coffee.

The customer feedback on the whole was overwhelmingly positive and proved to me that there was nothing available on the market currently that did what Profit Pod would do in the way that it would at an affordable cost. Typically to get the same support would entail a costly 1 to 1 arrangement with an accountant or business coach, which put it out of reach of many of the very people I am seeking to help because they can’t afford to pay their fees.

What was really interesting is that many of the interviewees said that not only would they pay the monthly amount being proposed for Profit Pod, they would probably pay more. Armed with this information, I had a decision to make whether to raise the price or not. I decided against doing that as I didn’t want to be greedy with it because my purpose to serve millions of small business users so I wanted it to represent exceptional value for money so it becomes a no-brainer for mass adoption. They loved the fact that it is free to get started with the free test to measure the strengths and weaknesses of 7 key areas of a growing business.

Conducting these customer interviews was so important on many fronts, it highlighted points that may need tweaking, it validated that there was a need for the solution, gave insights into the right price level and above all it gave me confidence to continue journey. Remember, I was still prepared to discard the project if the feedback was negative. I deliberately tried to stay emotionally neutral. The conversations with customers also allowed me to refine the pitch for Profit Pod based on what they reacted most positively too which lead to the production of the first 2 animated short videos for Profit pod – links to both are included at the end of the blog should you wish to check them out. Here is what emerged:


Small business owners everywhere are struggling with the same problem: how to keep day-to-day operations ticking over but still have the time and energy to focus on their MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT – the numbers!

Unless you CAN focus on the numbers, you risk becoming one of those unfortunate 80% – the businesses that fail. But since that also means that 20% of businesses SUCCEED, it got me thinking…

What if I could create some technology that would help small businesses do better? What if I could design it in such a way that it gave them a formula for success and the proven strategies to achieve it? What if I could put them back in control of their business profit potential? And what if I could find a way to do ALL of this while holding their hand every step of the way?

Wouldn’t that be something?

Imagine the knock-on effect that would have on businesses all over the world. On job creation, on wealth, on economic prosperity, on well-being and happiness. Just think what a difference that would make to business owners and employees alike. The positive impact would be HUGE!

What if I could develop something that guaranteed small business owners – and that’s ANYBODY running ANY kind of business – PROFIT ON DEMAND?

Well, that’s exactly what I have done. But that’s not all: I took it a step further. I set myself a target and mission to help at least 100,000 small businesses from all over the world make at least 20% more profit over a given 12-month period within the next 5 years. And with your help, I know it can be done… using the system I have created called Profit Pod.

So what exactly is Profit Pod? It’s a unique profit-boosting system designed to help you stop fearing the numbers, to give you the support and guidance you need to make more profit in less time and with less stress.

Profit Pod pinpoints the 5 KEY FOCUS AREAS of your business I have shared with you on this webinar and guides you through a step-by-step process to increase your profitability. So, what advantage could you get by using Profit Pod

  • It’ll save time – it takes up just ONE HOUR of your time per month, MAX.
  • It’ll boost your bank balance – it’s GUARANTEED to increase your profitability by AT LEAST 20% over twelve months.
  • It’s easy to implement – you’ll be guided through a step-by-step process, and I’ll literally be HOLDING YOUR HAND every inch of the way
  • It’s focused on YOUR business – it pinpoints 5 KEY AREAS of your business with PROVEN STRATEGIES and RESULTS MONITORING to improve your profit performance. And remember, it works for ANY small business, ANYWHERE.
  • It provides complete accountability – the system maintains momentum to make sure you TAKE ACTION when it is asked of you.

It’s a focused, structured and long-term profit-boosting formula that’s GUARANTEED to work – as long as you do what’s asked of you WHEN it is asked of you. And the best bit is, getting started is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Welcome To Profit Pod Video (2 mins 37 secs)

How It Works Video ( 3 mins 02 secs)

Having done all this, I was now at a massive intersection with one of two routes that I could take. One route involved playing it safe because it was what I was familiar and known one and the alternative involved taking a BIG BOLD STEP INTO THE UNKNOWN. I needed to dig really deep at this time to make a decision that would ultimately have consequences – both good and bad – especially if the outcome wasn’t as intended.

Next Instalment To Come: My Reflections: A Bold Step Into the Unknown

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