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My Reflections: The doubts and head trash

We all have a belief system that is individual and unique to us. It shapes our take on the world and all the various components that make it up. Our belief system is a collection of thoughts and ideas that we believe to be true which have been accumulated through what we have been told, taught and experienced during our lives.

Our belief systems are made up of lots of different individual beliefs. These can be broken down further into those that work for us and those that work against us. Behaviours and beliefs that work against us are what I call ‘head trash’. Others may refer to it as ‘mind chatter’.

So having now spent weeks carefully thinking through each stage that would be required for any solution, and the functionality or features each section should have, I hit my first brick wall – ME.

Questions started popping into my mind like the following:

  • Who am I do be taking on this?
  • What makes me so special?
  • What makes me think I can do this?
  • Do I have what it takes to even do it?
  • Would any one care?
  • Would it be a huge flop?
  • How am I going to fund it?

Any sound familiar? These questions cycled in my mind for a couple of weeks during which time I didn’t do anything much further. The reality was that my thinking debilitated my action during that time. What I realised was that it meant that I was “out of balance” as what I wanted to do appeared too big for my consciousness right now with so many unknown elements. So what was I to do to move past this internal stand off? Get SPECIFIC!

To deal with this, I needed to get very specific about what I was seeking to do. I noticed that the more specific I became, the less the feeling of overwhelm I had. It involved taking the perceived BIG HAIRY MONSTER that represented the outcome I am ultimately seeking to achieve and chunking it down into smaller milestones and actions that, if taken, would be a step closer to the end outcome.

The process I went though and continue to go through every time I reach a brick wall – it has happened frequently since – is as follows:

  1. How am I feeling right now? (Recognise the situation – face up to it)
  2. What am I trying to achieve and why? (Get more and more specific until it becomes less daunting)
  3. Based on what I know right now, what is the next logical step I should take? ( However small – just to keep moving forward)
  4. Having decided on the next logical steps, how are you feeling now? (Hopefully back ‘in balance’)

The key for me always is to just keep moving forward. Taking it one step at a time but I would say that it is important to not underestimate the power of returning to the question what I am trying to achieve and why to cut through the mind fog. Combine this with keeping your passion and vision for wanting to do it in the first place firmly in mind and you have a recipe for tackling any issue. It is reenergising, recharging and if it is a strong enough mission will drive you forward through the inevitable bumps along the way. We are human so emotions will inevitably come in at every part of the journey. It is a constant battle. Being equipped to deal with issues when they occur is vital to keep moving forward.

So what did this mean for me at this first major brick wall. I decided that the following 3 key things needed to happen:

  1. I needed to get a sense of the likely cost for the platform build. I don’t have a technology background nor have I ever been involved in such a large IT project before so it all looked like a BIG SCARY MONSTER! I needed to identify some web development resources to help with the build so I could get a sense of the time and cost involved. I ‘kissed a lot of frogs’ during this process. The company I ultimately decided to work with came through a recommendation from an acquaintance. Never underestimate the power of asking your network. The power of referral from someone you know and trust is HUGE.
  2. I needed to create the necessary content for the reality check module, at the very least, involving the 4 tests and their corresponding reports. As I was able to leverage assets I had already created in my business, I produced 3 extra indicator tests, with full feedback and recommendation reports, involving over 50,000 words in just 3 weeks. I also needed to create the online learning portal. The good thing about this approach, is that irrespective of whether I went ahead beyond it, I would still have new assets in the business that would be capable of being standalone income producers – that is the important thing to remember. Either way, my efforts wouldn’t be wasted.
  3. I needed to spend as little money as possible testing one of my key assumptions, for what would ultimately become the sign up process for the platform. I secured an outsourced resource in India to do this for a fraction of the cost to get it built in the UK and spent 4 months developing the website. It was a massive and valuable learning experience in managing an IT project with the added challenge of language barriers (which I will cover in future blogs). The outcome proved what I wanted it to and in fact exceeded my original ‘assumption’ for the success rate. I was very encouraged by the result.

The above took 6 months to achieve for all of the elements but it meant that I felt better prepared for the next stage. The good thing is that I hadn’t spent much money at all (apart from my own considerable time and energy) to get this point. That was soon about to change and represented a new challenge in itself.

Next Instalment To Come: My Reflections: A Smarter Approach

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