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My Reflections: My BIG Game And The Rules

In my last blog, I shared with you two very important elements that led me to my light bulb moment from DREAMING BIG without artificial limitations and boundaries to the possibilities. In summary they were as follows:

STEP 1: My Dream Question

What if we could eliminate all avoidable small business failures globally?”

STEP 2: My Purpose

“Transforming the experience of small business owners who feel as though they are drowning in quick sand in relation to the numbers to that of feeling INVINCIBLE!”

STEP 3: Creating The Game

Having defined what Steps 1 & 2 mean for you, the next step is defining what ‘game’, ‘mission’, or ‘big goal’ you want to set yourself towards making the intended difference. It is important to say that there is no right or wrong answer here. What matters is that it is tailored, specific and aligned to making a positive impact on your stated Dream Question and Purpose. Like any game, it should be really fun for you to do and above all, WIN or LOSE, it should be a game worth playing for YOU!

Think SMART when defining your game and keep it as short and punchy as possible. SMART means:

  1. It needs to be very SPECIFIC. (You need to know exactly what you are aiming for)
  2. It needs to be MEASURABLE. (Include numbers)
  3. It needs to be ACHIEVABLE. (Is the solution possible? It needs to be ‘doable’ given the resources available to you now or through others to pursue it.)
  4. It needs to be REALISTIC. (Don’t let any limiting thinking come in here – think along the lines that if the solution to the stated problem is possible, is it realistic in reference to the likely market size)
  5. It needs to be TIMED (Have a time period attached to it – i.e. 5, 7 10 years – whatever is appropriate for what you are seeking to make happen)

My BIG Game:

“To help at least 100,000 small businesses globally to improve their profit by at least 20% over a 12-month period by 2020”

STEP 4: Defining the rules of the game

Having created the game you wish to play, like any game there must be rules but I would suggest to not have too many – keep them meaningful. The question to answer here for this step is:

“When does the game end and how will I know I have won?”

Now at this point I knew to get the scale required to win my own game, any solution would need to be technology and internet-based. Beyond that I didn’t know the specifics – that would come later.

My BIG Game Rules:

  1. To have helped at least 100,000 small businesses globally improve their profit by at least 20% over 12 months by 2020
  2. To have contributed to raising the financial/profit awareness levels of 2.5M small businesses globally across the same timeframe.
  3. To have the collective profit improvement that our customers have achieved using our system result in the generation of an additional £10BN of profits/economic prosperity from a before and after perspective.
  4. To have provided in excess of £12M (approx. $20M) worth of funding through an associated ‘Profit Incubator’ social enterprise supporting the next generation of business success stories.
  5. To have 80% of our customers say they would recommend our platform to other small business owners.

You will notice in the above rules, there are quantifiable measures (numbers or metrics that I can track) to know whether I have satisfied the rule condition or not. That is the important part you need to have in any rules you set for yourself.

So hopefully now having defined your own Dream Question & Purpose – what is your BIG Game and your associated BIG Game Rules?

Next Instalment To Come: My Reflections: The Groundwork and Refined Thinking

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