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My Reflections: Defining the Ultimate Solution

It is time to put some meat on the bones. For determining the best solution the approach I decided to adopt was to ignore anything that currently exists, if it exists, and approach it with fresh eyes and most importantly from the customers’ needs perspective. I wanted to put myself in their shoes, which isn’t hard to do for me as I am a business owner myself so have empathy for it, unlike many advisers and so called experts that spout theory but have never run their own business. It is a completely different dynamic and only one that I believe a business owner will truly understand.

So having defined the parameters of the problem and the stages and customer needs that would need to be addressed in the solution, I set about writing down a walk through of the flow a customer would go on. This involved creating a document in bullet point form that described the features and decision points that would be needed. For some of the elements, I had no idea how it would work in practice – I just noted a placeholder for the purposes of this exercise. It ended up being a 7-page document but nevertheless a very important document as it formed the basis of everything to come. It was my best thinking for providing the best fit solution for the very small business owners I was seeking to help.

At the same time I defined an overarching killer ‘value proposition’ for the still not named platform at the time that would appeal and be compelling to the target users. What I arrived at for the user was the following:

“It is an easy to use, affordable and fun way to grow my profits by at least 20% over a twelve-month period and it is guaranteed to work.”

I wanted the solution to come with a money back guarantee if the 20% improvement wasn’t achieved, providing of course the user does everything asked of them when it is asked of them, and more importantly that it is FREE to get started.

All of the above culminated, in summary form, the following for what the platform would involve – note that each module relates to one of the stages previously identified in the previous blog!

Module 1 is Reality Check, which looks objectively at your business to pinpoint which areas need attention. It highlights issues in 4 distinct areas including Business Health, Brand & Marketing Impact, Financial Awareness and Sales Efficiency, providing comprehensive feedback and recommendations for action. This suite of reality check indicator tests is really simple to complete, typically taking less than 5 minutes per indicator, but at the same time providing valuable insights to pinpoint the areas of concern within your business that need focused attention. The reports you will receive here contain comprehensive feedback, strategies, recommendations and key actions related to your particular business.

Module 2 is Preparation, This stage is all about getting your financial house in order. We provide you with many checklists, 10 intuitive on-screen tools in the Preparation Toolbox Area and other guidance on what you need to do to get your business ready for profit acceleration. The Preparation stage is a 7-Step Process where you will also learn about the key finance and profit fundamentals that will be pivotal for your future success.

Module 3 is Launch Pad, which uses the information gained in the Preparation Stage to create your personalised Profit Acceleration Plan using the unique Profit Acceleration Formula, designed to guarantee at least a 20% increase in profit over a 12-month period. You’ll get tried-and-tested profit improvement strategy suggestions combined with the monthly milestones needed to make sure you achieve them. The odds are that you will have never created a plan like this before!

Module 4 is Acceleration, which puts your Launch Pad plan into action using achievable monthly milestones and reminders that will keep you on track, monitor your progress and maintain momentum. The results that you need to enter each month will be monitored on an intuitive and easy-to-use traffic light system based performance dashboard, which includes a unique Profit Navigator feature to make sure you stay completely on track. You will be held totally accountable for your results

Module 5 is Outcome, which comes at the end of the 12-month period where we look at your final results and compare them to your ‘Launch Pad’ plan and where you started from. The celebrations happen here because if you have done everything asked of you according to the plan, then your profit will be 20% higher – or more!

So there I sat after completing this exercise, largely without user feedback at this stage, with the makings of what I believe to be the ultimate profit improvement solution for small business as I had solving their ‘problem’ at the heart right throughout the exercise but then the doubts and head trash set in…

Next Instalment To Come: My Reflections: The doubts and head trash

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